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Air Transport Systems can offer advice and assistance for the purchase of new air cargo equipment. In this regard there is a wide variety of (ULD) air cargo containers available to meet different aspects of customer requirements ie AKH, AKE, AAP, AAK, etc..

ATS can assist in choosing the type of container required and what would be appropriate in terms of how the container is made i.e. aluminium, polycarbonate or fibreglass. Each container has a different cost ratio for maintenance /repair which may not be evident to the customer so it is important to evaluate all variables.

We can also supply air cargo aluminium pallets in different sizes PMC, PKC, PAG, etc. which can be fitted with pallet wings or supplied with knotted or unknotted heavy duty air cargo nets .

As a company that provides controlled temperature sensitive solutions for the Pharmaceutical Indusrty we can advise on what is best for the product being transported. ATS can provide different types of solutions in the form of Insulated boxes, insulated Dry Ice air cargo containers and Active Temperature Controlled air cargo containers.

Air Transport Systems can also provide advice and specifications on full and half size Meal Cart Trolleys which are cost effective and maintain a low maintenance cost compared to similar products on the market .

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